Connecting Herbs Nutrition and Bodywork for deeper Healing

NMT goes beyond conventional massage therapy as it is the fruit of the harmonious combination of Western Herbal Medicine and Holistic Massage. The aim for merging these two branches of holistic medicine is to offer a deeper and long-lasting health improvement to the client using medicinal herbs, nutritional advice, and massage.

The Treatment

The first therapeutic session lasts approximatively 120 minutes and involves two phases:


  • An in-depth consultation with the client discussing his / her physical symptoms, diet, lifestyle and mental and emotional state.

  • A holistic or sport-remedial massage tailored to the client’s needs.


The session concludes with the prescription of a month-worth internal herbal medicine (alcoholic tincture or non-alcoholic decoction) and a topical preparation (cream or ointment).

Who can benefit

Although anyone can benefit from medicinal herbs and massage, NMT has been designed to provide support specifically to individuals experiencing musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological symptoms.








herbal medicine

Pricing Structure

First 120-min


Follow up


Follow up consultation

with massage

First session 120 min – includes one month worth of internal and external herbal preparations: £100


Follow up sessions Consultation only: £30 (£60 with repeated internal prescription)


Consultation and massage £50 (£80 with repeated internal prescription)


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