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For anxiety, fatigue and chronic pain

This 90 days therapeutic programme gives you the chance to access, understand and resolve the underlying causes hiding behind your symptoms; the aim of The programme's ultimate goal is to support you in becoming a stronger, more empowered version of yourself so you can reclaim sovereignty over your health.

The programme includes:

  • An initial 120 min session; including a 60 min consultation and a 60 min therapeutic massage 

  • Two 90 min follow up sessions; these will be scheduled four weeks apart and include a 30 min consultation and a 60 min therapeutic massage

  • Twelve weeks worth of Herbal Medicine

  • Two 15 min check-up calls; these will be scheduled two weeks after the initial consultation and follow up session

Programme cost: £350

You can contact me for a 15 minutes free phone call to have a feel if we can work well together

Contact number: +447505227932

Contact email:

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