'Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes'.

Carl Jung

1/11/18  I.C. (Personal email)

"My sessions with Giacomo were exactly what my mind and body were looking for. I had some recurrent back issues which within the sessions Giacomo was able to fix. Also the atmosphere he creates during the sessions is a perfect time to relax the mind from the stresses of day to day life. Would highly recommend sessions with him"

2/11/18  H.A. (Personal email)

"I booked a massage with Giacomo because I was desperately in need of a deep sports massage; my neck, back & shoulders contain a lot of tension & stress. He was very careful to ensure comfort & relaxation, sharing a lot of useful knowledge, executing skilful techniques and being attentive throughout. The awareness he possesses is impressive and I'll be sure to implement the advice he provided in my every day life; i.e. the reminder to include upper body stretches generally & in my workout routine. His passion for healing the human body & focus on the mind-body connection is refreshing. It is a worthy investment and I encourage those who are in need of a massage to pay him a visit. Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing!"

5/11/18  A.L. (Personal email)

"Giacomo is thoughtful, professional and intuitive. I felt at east and in good hands. I came in stressed and left feeling changed both physically and mentally. Hyper relaxing."

21/11/18  D.P. (Personal email)

"I had my first massage when Giacomo was in training but I had the impression to deal with a professional therapist straight away. His treatment on my shoulders really help me out and make me feel better."

7/04/19  P.A. (Personal email)

"I have recently just had a 90 minute, massage treatment with Giacomo and was instantly relaxed. I found the variation of techniques he used to remove the deep muscle tension I suffer from to be absolutely perfect and would recommend him to anyone.
Many thanks 
Mr Archer"

17/04/19 S.C. (Classpass)

had a wonderful experience with Giacomo last week. I really enjoyed the attention to detail given to often overlooked parts of the body like forearms. Giacomo had a full range of pressure options and was attentive to my needs, with strong communication throughout whilst letting me find peace and relaxation at the same time. I would highly recommend treatment with Giacomo and will be returning myself.

27/6/19 E.B. (Classpass)

I felt very comfortable with Giacomo. He listened to what I needed on the day, decided on some grounding work, and I came away feeling much more myself. Thank you

8/07/19 J.T. (Classpass)

Giacomo is very lovely and the massage was very beneficial. He also spoke to me more about improving my overall wellness and I have lots to think about before the next session. Will definitely go again!

28/07/19 M.K. (Classpass)

Had a great massage. Attending for relaxation reasons, haven't really got any pains or ailments. Giacomo was easy to get on with and helped me feel relaxed

28/08/19 S.S. (Classpass)

I booked a last minute appointment and was offered a slot with Giacomo. 
Giacomo immediately made me feel at ease and I very much enjoyed a very relaxing massage. That night I had the most fantastic night’s sleep! Thanks so much

1/09/19 L.S. (Classpass)

Excellent massage. Started with a chat and we agreed some areas to focus on. Very intuitive and holistic massage. Felt energised and light afterwards. Thanks

22/09/19 A.W. (Classpass)

Couldn’t recommend more highly. Looking forward to going back

28/10/19 L.D. (Google reviews)

A holistic approach to massage with herbal medicine knowledge woven into the mix :)

1/11/19 A.L. (Google reviews)

Giacomo has amazing professional knowledge and awareness. He creates a space that feels safe and warm. Always leave feeling healed!

1/11/19 D.S.   (Google reviews)

Giacomo has a profound knowledge about herbal medicine and different types/styles of massage! I would absolutely reccomend him if you are looking for an holistic therapist in Bristol!!

17/11/19 H.W (Google reviews)

A professional and effective massage. Would most definitely recommend! Thank you!

19/11/19 Y.G. (Google reviews)

I had a wonderful experience. Giacomo made the environment really cozy and warm, with music that takes you on a journey and a cup of tea from his best herbs. His massage technique really gets you diving into a deep state of relaxation, which helps relieve any tension that has been deeply rooted in the mind. Totally recommended! Thank you!!

19/11/19 J.N. (Google reviews)

I received an hour and a half session, beginning with a thorough postural examination in consultation. I visited with a tense shoulder, and a very confused means of describing it but Giacomo intuitively found pains and tensions I didn't know I had before patiently easing them. Thorough, professional, and incredibly beneficial experience. Can't wait to go back! Highly recommended.

12/12/19 V.P. (Google reviews)

Giacomo was very professional and effective.
If you are an aerialist, acrobat, or do physical activities constantly and you get muscular injured, I recommend you go see him.
My chest was swollen and the pain also affected my arm. Giacomo found the pain points and cured them. After 2 days of rest I was like new.

Thanks Giacomo!

23/02/20 E.A. (ClassPass)

Very relaxing massage tailored to suit my needs. Have been twice now and have a great improvement in shoulder and back discomfort. Highly recommend

14/03/20 P.H. (Google reviews)

Such a relaxing massage & all round experience - really knows his stuff. Worked on areas of muscle tightness and gave me exercises to loosen tension - more than just a massage. Highly recommend


Giacomo Sandri BSc Dip MNIMH MTI

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